How we will deal with your petition

When we get your petition

Within 10 working days of receiving your petition, we will contact you in writing or by email you to tell you:

  • what we plan to do with the petition
  • when you can expect to hear from us again

What we will do about your petition

Depending on what your petition asks for and how many people signed it, our response could be:

  • acting on the requests in the petition
  • considering the petition at a council meeting
  • holding an inquiry into the matter
  • undertaking research into the matter
  • holding a public meeting
  • holding a consultation
  • holding a meeting with petitioners
  • referring the petition to an overview and scrutiny committee
  • calling a referendum
  • writing to the petition organiser with our views

If your petition has enough signatures to trigger a Council debate, or a senior officer giving evidence, we will:

  • confirm this and tell you when and where the meeting will take place
  • tell you if we believe your petition needs further investigation and if so what we plan to do

We will always tell you the actions we have taken