Petitions we can't deal with

Where a process is already in place for you to voice your opinion, the existing process will be followed. This includes:

  • any matter about a person or organisation where there is already a review or right of appeal, such as council tax banding and business rates
  • a statutory petition, for example asking for a referendum on having an elected mayor
  • petitions from our employees, which the council's grievance procedure or other human resources policies can deal with
  • any petitions about the day-to-day running of a school, which the school’s governing body can deal with
  • any petitions about things outside our control, such as matters governed by national or European legislation and contractual matters
  • any petitions about a matter covered by legal proceedings

Petitions about failures to deliver services

If your petition is about failures to deliver the services listed above, we will consider it. Contact us for advice, before starting your petition.

Democratic Services


Duplicate petitions

If your petition is similar to another petition, we will not consider it within 12 months. Please check details of previous petitions, before starting your petition.