Public Health

Autism strategy and assessment

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability.

It affects how a person:

  • communicates with other people
  • relates to other people
  • makes sense of the world around them

It is a spectrum condition. This means that while all people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways.

Go to the National Autistic Society website to find out more

Adult Autism Strategy

The government's Adult Autism Strategy Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives was first published in 2010. Its 5 areas for action are to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of autism
  • develop clear, consistent pathways for diagnosis of autism
  • improve access to services and support for adults with autism
  • help adults with autism into work
  • enable local partners to develop relevant services

Our priorities for Thurrock are in keeping with the national strategy.


UK councils are asked to complete autism self-assessments. These are to:

  • help councils and their partners assess progress in implementing the 2010 Adult Autism Strategy
  • see how much progress has been made between self-assessments
  • share examples of good progress

Our self-assessments are published below.