Social work in Thurrock

Adult social work

Our commitment to the vulnerable adults of Thurrock is clear –, we will, wherever possible, strive to do everything we can to help them live independent, fulfilling and happy lives.

An integral part of our service delivery is the relationship that we hold with the local communities that we serve. Our social workers are regular faces within the community, encouraged to spend time remotely working in locations throughout, getting to know the area and the people within.

We benefit greatly from a wide range of partnerships we have built up with a range of both internal and external agencies. This provides a host of services on hand to effectively address a range of complex needs.

Community work

We believe the best way to serve a community is to be a part of it. Social workers are encouraged to work remotely from various locations within their communities to get a true feel for the area. This makes them more familiar to service users, which can remove some of the barriers that often exist in this kind of work

Our Local Area Coordinator scheme – placing individuals throughout the local community – has been praised highly for its impact. Individual coordinators help their community to grow organically and develop its own internal support structures.

These support structures help to provide practical solutions that previously would have called for a social worker. This frees time for social workers to focus on more complex and severe cases, and can significantly increase the level of care that these people receive.

Occupational therapy

As well as social workers, occupational therapists can thrive, grow and innovate in Thurrock. With a range of coaching and mentoring services, you will be supported throughout your career as you learn new skills and develop as a professional.

We have supported a number of newly qualified Occupational Therapists as well as helped experienced individuals continue their journey into management and senior management.

Join us to grow your career and put down roots in our community.