Social work in Thurrock

Children's social work

Our services make sure that, wherever possible, children and young people in Thurrock are given every opportunity to get the best start in life and go on to enjoy happy and fulfilling futures.

We believe this is best achieved by being flexible and open to innovations that will be of genuine benefit to the service user. We are forward-thinking and place a great deal of trust in the expertise and judgement of our social workers.

Pride in our work

We take a pride in the role we play in the communities we serve and the personal service that we provide.

Each child and young person is treated as an individual with a name rather than a number. This is an extremely important factor for us and one that we believe sets us apart from similar authorities.

Innovative service

All of our staff benefit from the strong partnerships that we have formed with external and internal parties. We are leading on a number of innovations within children's social care including:

  • being an early adopter for the NSPCC Graded Care Profile 2, as part of Thurrock's Neglect Strategy
  • having the Barnardo's National Female Genital Mutilation Centre for Excellence as a new partner within the Thurrock MASH
  • developing a Children's Social Care Prediction model with a leading IT specialist, in partnership with 3 other local authorities

Join our family

Working a smaller authority, all our staff have an opportunity to see the impact of their work, share their views and shape the service. This also builds a feeling of community, both within the service and throughout the council as a whole. Most would describe their teams as a family as they rally together in support of each other and collaborate to develop ideas.

We've achieved much, but remain ambitious – our sights are set on bigger things to come – so join us, grow with us, and help us achieve the next stage of our exciting journey.