Social work in Thurrock


In Thurrock, we have the ambition, drive and attitude to make a positive difference to the lives of those most in need.

Staff who care

We pride ourselves on having a team of social workers, senior practitioners and managers who are enthusiastic and resilient, have high aspirations, and embrace innovative practice.

Our teams have a strong desire to learn, develop and improve, so they can provide the best practice for those in Thurrock who use our services.

Supportive management

Our stable management team is visible and accessible, supporting social workers to:

  • be ambitious and bold in their decisions
  • have confidence in their ideas
  • be comfortable sharing ideas openly

Valuing teamwork

Teamwork is central to our achievements. We place great value on the culture of support and collaboration we've worked hard to create.

All team members can contribute constructively towards the work of their colleagues and the development of the service.

Diversity and inclusivity

The diversity of our staff reflects our diverse community.

We actively promote inclusivity, and we support social workers through:

  • accessible management support
  • comprehensive learning opportunities
  • clear frameworks of practice

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