Switch to Thurrock fostering

Transferring from another agency

If you are already a foster carer and interested in fostering for Thurrock, we will make sure your transfer to us is as quick and easy as possible.

Your approval should be completed within 2 months of your application.

Benefits of transferring to us

There are many benefits of transferring to our fostering community – for example:

  • we place with our own carers first, so you'll have a great opportunity to foster children with us
  • we offer excellent payment rates that recognise your skills and fostering experience
  • foster carers who live in Thurrock and care for children are exempt from paying council tax
  • we can provide better matching children and young people for your family
  • supervision and support is provided by experienced, skilled and compassionate fostering staff, who are valued by our carers
  • our supervising social workers work next to the children's social workers, and we have direct access to key decision makers – our carers love this
  • our contact services are more local to where you live in Thurrock
  • you will have access to clinical supervision, therapy and support groups
  • you'll have opportunities to be part of new projects, where your ideas and contributions can directly benefit our children, young people and foster carers
  • you can be part of a range of different fostering schemes, including emergency bed, parent and child, and disabled children's schemes

If you're interested in the benefits of switching to Thurrock fostering, please contact us.

I'm interested in fostering

We look forward to meeting you

We will meet with you to:

  • talk about your current situation and your reasons for wanting to transfer
  • tell you more about how the transfer process works
  • carry out an initial assessment to gather more information

If you don't currently have a foster child placed with you

The transfer process is relatively simple if you don't have a foster child placed with you. We will:

  • complete the usual assessment processes
  • check personal references
  • check, references from your current agency
  • visit you current agency to view your current form F and review your file

This process usually takes around 3 months to complete and will require you giving 28 days' notice to your current fostering provider.

If you have a foster child placed with you

If you have a foster child placed with you, we must be sure not disrupt their placement. We'll meet with the authority that placed the child and usually it can be agreed that the foster child will transfer with you.

In these situations, the terms of the placement – for both yourselves and the local authority – will be honoured for its duration.

Contact us for more information or to discuss the process.

Fostering team
Our dedicated team will be happy to speak with you to answer your questions.

: 0800 652 1256 (freephone)

: fostering.adoption@thurrock.gov.uk