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You can buy tickets online at any time, or phone our box office on 0345 300 5264 from Tuesday to Friday between midday and 3pm, or Saturdays between 10am and 1pm. Our box office counter on the ground floor is open at the same times.

Our stage and equipment

The technical information on this page is for anyone interested in hiring the Thameside Theatre for productions.


Our stage is a flat sprung floor – Black Treated Plywood.

The main acting area when front of house (FOH) tabs closed – from back of FOH tabs to Cylorama wall – is 9.1m wide by 6.7m deep. Fixed legs normally intrude about 0.5m either side into this space.

The proscenium arch opening is 9.1m wide, height 3.85m, or 2.85m when border is in use. The working height on stage, from floor to lowest lighting barrel, is 3.7m. The sensible height for flattage is 3.1m, or 3.2m maximum.

The curved apron stage extends 2.2m in front of FOH tabs at the centre point, and reduces to 1m at the sides.

Offstage area widths are:

  • stage left – 2m
  • stage right – 1.5m
  • leg cover – 1m

S/M desk is stage right. Tannoy, talkback and stage video monitor.

The stage is 0.5m above floor of auditorium. Access to the auditorium from the stage is via a 3 tread stair, centre stage.

There is no orchestra pit but about 7 musicians can be accommodated by removing 14 seats from auditorium. If this is needed it must be arranged in advance – there is a charge for this service. Seat numbers C1-8 and D1-8 would be removed.

An orchestra of about 15 can be accommodated in Thameside Two via video link. This facility must also be arranged in advance. You must make sure that any changes to the auditorium are agreed with your ticket sellers.

Stage power

On stage left there is a 32 single phase power cable (250V).

There is also a distribution box that puts out 3x 32A (230V) and 3x 16A (230V) with a 32 single phase extension plug.

Both the cable and the box extension have a 3 phase connection but they are single phase only.

Seating and stage layout

A diagram of the seating and stage layout for the Thameside Theatre can be downloaded below.

Stage lift

A technical drawing of the stage lift can be downloaded below:

Access to the stage from ground floor is via the stage lift with a door on Titan Road. The lift loads through one door at ground level then empties at second floor dressing rooms and third floor stage through doors on the opposite side of the car.

The stage lift has a bigger door at the ground level than at stage level, so just because you can get it in doesn't mean you will be able to get it out.

Our stage lift:

  • is 2.36m wide (7ft 9 inches)
  • is 2.79m deep from front door floor to exit door (9ft 2 inches)
  • is 1.78m high (6ft 6 inches)
  • has a diagonal line across the lift of 3.2m (10ft 6 inches)
  • has a lintel clearance at stage level of 1.8m (6ft 2 inches)

You must make sure your scenery will fit in the lift. Carrying items via a staircase is possible but not recommended.

If you have any pieces that need to come up the stairs, please make sure you have enough staff to carry them safely.


Our lighting equipment comprises:

  • ZERO 88 SOLUTION XL lighting desk
  • ETC LED colour source profiles and PAR lamps throughout
  • 14 CHUAVET INTIMIDATOR lanterns for colour and movement effects – 4 wash and 10 profile
  • 4 beams moving heads – 2 wash and 2 profile
  • 2 follow spots operated from technical suite

Sound equipment

Our sound equipment comprises:

  • CD player
  • cassette player, available by prior arrangement
  • minidisk player
  • USB/SD card reader
  • EV speakers
  • Allen and Heath auditorium mixer
  • Sony and Shure radio mics
  • wireless talkback system
  • foldback using Bose low profile speakers

The sound desk is situated in the auditorium.

Technical extras

The theatre has a range of technical equipment available for hire at competitive prices and handy on site.

These are subject to availability and include:

  • radio mics
  • pyrotechnics
  • starcloth
  • video projection
  • smoke machines


There are 4 dressing room. All dressing rooms have stage video monitors and mirrors. Dressing rooms 1 and 3 have daylight, washbasins and running water. There are separate male and female toilets and showers. Dressing room numbers and sizes are:

  • dressing room 1 – about 6m by 4.3m
  • dressing room 3 – about 5m by 4.3m
  • dressing room 5 – about 5m by 3.5m
  • dressing room 6 – about 5m by 3m

Before and after

All technical details should be discussed with Thameside Theatre technicians before your arrival on site. Our technicians are highly experienced and able to advise on what can and cannot be achieved in the time you have.

You may be asked by the technical or front of house staff to repair, remove or reset anything changed during your hire period.

Contact the theatre's Technical Manager and team by email below.

Thameside Theatre
Thameside Complex, Orsett Road, Grays, RM17 5DX

: 0345 300 5264


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