Thurrock Museum

Events and exhibitions

Thurrock Museum Volunteers hold regular exhibitions and events on aspects of local history. Throughout 2017, the volunteers are presenting exhibitions and events about the year 1917.

These start in February with the Heritage Lottery Funded exhibition: 'Kynoch – the local force behind World War 1'. The exhibitions take us back to a year of great change, looking at what it meant for the people of Thurrock – see photos at Flickr: Kynoch and the Corringham Light Railway.

Events in 2017

Dates Events
Monday 27 February to
Friday 10 March
Kynoch – the local force behind World War 1.
This exhibition presents the lives of Thurrock people who worked and lived near Kynoch, and is central to our Kynoch event programme. An illuminating look back at local history in the ground floor gallery of the Thameside Complex.
Friday 16 June to
Friday 23 June
Celebrating Queen Victoria.
Queen Victoria acceded to the throne aged 18 and reigned until her death at the age of 81, in 1901, through an era of industry that saw incredible social and cultural change.
Friday 18 August to
Friday 1 September
Battle of Passchendaele.
We focus on this major campaign of the front lines of the First World War. This battle saw each side fighting for strategic control of Ypres from July to November 1917.
Friday 13 October to
Friday 20 October
War and Revolution.
The Russian Revolution was a pivotal global event in 1917. We explore the role played by local people during a time of revolt and world war.
Friday 8 December to
Friday 15 December
Christmas 1917.
In this festive end to our year of 1917 exhibitions, we show what life would be like for families celebrating Christmas during a time of war.