Child protection

The child protection plan

Those at the child protection conference will come up with a plan to protect your child and provide help and support for your family. This plan is then worked on by a group of involved professionals and family members.

It will be important for you to work with professionals so the risk to your child can be reduced, with the aim of the child no longer needing a child protection plan.

The first meeting of the group should take place within 10 working days of the conference.

We will organise a second conference within 3 months of the first conference to review what progress has been made in implementing the plan.

We will hold further conferences as necessary at 6 month intervals.

If the risks to your child do not reduce, or if it becomes more serious, we will need to consider what further action could better protect your child.


If you are worried about an allegation, suspicion or complaint made by a child or adult against an adult who works with children or young people then you need to contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

Safeguarding children - Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

: 01375 652 732