Deaths, burials and cremations

Memorial or a headstone

You can have a choice of headstone, garden of remembrance – Corringham and South Ockendon cemeteries only – or a memorial plaque.

A memorial plaque can be displayed in the gardens of remembrance.

Fees and charges apply.

Memorial applications

Before a memorial can be placed, repaired or altered, a memorial application must be completed and approved by the registrar.

A memorial application should:

  • have no abbreviations
  • show a comprehensive drawing of the memorial including the base and foundation stones showing dimensions
  • give full details of fixing method
  • be translated – if the inscription is in a language other than English then it must have an English translation, countersigned by a responsible person from the community

Once the application is approved and payment received, a permit to work will be issued to the memorial mason.

The permit should be handed to the registrar or the cemetery supervisor before any work is carried out. They will inspect the memorial before and after fixing is complete.

These are standard regulations. The funeral director or stone mason will be able to offer you guidance.

Memorial forms

Use the form below to apply either for a grave monument or memorial at any Thurrock cemetery, or for a cremated remains memorial at:

  • Grays New cemetery
  • Stanford-le-Hope cemetery
  • West Thurrock cemetery

Use the form below to apply for interment of ashes with a memorial plaque at:

  • Chadwell St Mary
  • Corringham
  • South Ockendon memorial gardens
  • North Stifford churchyard

Lawn section graves

Lawn graves have a headstone memorial placed at the head of the grave. They also have a small personalisation space up to 305 millimetres (12 inches) at the front of the headstone.

The remainder of the space will be grass and maintained by the council. You can not place any form of kerb memorial on a lawn grave at any time. The area is open for other people to access.

Items not allowed include:

  • fences, edging stone, surrounds
  • grave or decorative chippings
  • planting of any kind
  • glass, porcelain, brittle plastics, fragile items
  • noisy items
  • balloons
  • toys or ornaments

Memorial items are allowed in the personalisation area if they are not a nuisance, not a danger to people or not higher or wider than the headstone.

Items found outside the personalisation area will be moved to the approved area and the owner of the exclusive right of burial will be told by letter.

If there are too many or large items that can't be moved to the personalisation area, we will tell the owner of the exclusive right of burial by letter. These items will need to be moved in 14 days or stored on site for 1 month.

You can contact the registrar to collect stored items. Items will be disposed of after 1 month.

Safety inspections

Safety inspections are carried out every 5 years, either by our staff or qualified independent inspectors.

We comply with the Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977.