Housing benefit

About housing benefit

Housing benefit can cover or pay towards your rent. It can also give extra money towards things you have to pay for, such as children's play areas and the cleaning of communal areas.

Housing benefit does not cover things like:

  • food
  • water charges
  • personal laundry or heating, except for communal areas

It doesn't matter whether you pay rent to us, to a private landlord, to a hostel or a guest house.

If you receive housing benefit, you will need to tell us about any changes in your circumstances.

Who can get help

From 11 April 2018 you can claim housing benefit from us, or Universal Credit from the government. Claim from us if you are either:

  • pension age
  • living in a property where you get support either direct from your landlord or from an agency that works on behalf of your landlord
  • living in a property that you rented from us because you were homeless

Tenants who rent from private landlords are assessed for local housing allowance.

Claiming housing benefit

If you want to claim housing benefit you should complete a benefit claim.

The quickest and easiest way to claim is online. You can claim by logging-in to My Account. You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My Account - benefits

Housing benefit payments may be reduced if bedrooms are under-occupied – go to GOV.UK: removal of the spare room subsidy.

How your claim is progressing

We will tell you if your claim has been successful, 2 weeks after we get all the information we need.

Do not contact us to ask about your claim during this time, because we will not be able to give you any information