Unauthorised traveller encampments

Reported encampments

Action will be taken to remove any unauthorised traveller encampment on land in Thurrock.

Encampments on council land are dealt with by the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU). In some circumstances, the police can act to remove unauthorised encampments.

The following encampments have been reported:

Location Reported Status Next action
Land behind South Ockendon Health Centre car park, South Ockendon 18 September 2017

ECTU served a Direction To Leave 19 September giving the encampment 24 hours to vacate. Encampment did not vacate. Court summons issued 21 September ahead of court date on 25 September.

Encampment will be issued with a court order to vacate the site.
Land adjacent to sewage works, Fort Road, Tilbury 14 August 2017 ECTU is investigating the ownership of the land. If public land, ECTU will begin the process of eviction. If private land, no further action.
Marshfoot, Tilbury 4 August 2017 This encampment was across two pieces of land: one private, one public. ECTU deal with encampments on public land only, visiting the site on 18 August, issuing a 'Direction to Leave' on 21 August, a Court Summons on 23 August, and serving a Court Order on 25 August. Encampment on public land vacated. The encampment has moved onto the private land. It is now a civil matter for the landowner to take action.

You can report new unauthorised encampments.

Managed sites

We manage 3 sites in Thurrock for Gypsies and travellers.