Building control for residential alterations

Chimney stack removal

You must make a building regulation application if you wish to remove a chimney stack.

When planning to remove a chimney stack you should consider:

  • removal of any chimney breast at ground or first floor level requires that the chimney stack above must be adequately supported – in many cases it is not considered possible to corbel adequately the brickwork above for practical reasons, so it's suggested that a bracket detail (or suitable RSJ) is used to support the stack above
  • in the case of chimney stacks partly removed on the external walls, it is recommended they are reduced in height to 1 metre above the roof level so as to improve the overall stability of the external wall, and where the stack forms a buttress the wall must be checked for stability
  • 1 bracket is suitable for 1 flue only, which means 2 brackets will be needed for 2 flue stacks, and support for heavier stacks should be individually designed
  • the quality of the brickwork should be checked for suitability of supporting the load before fixing anchors
  • all stacks should be made good after insertion of the brackets and pinned up with semi-dry cement / sand mortar (1:3) rammed in above the steel bearing plate
  • approval from the adjoining owners should be obtained where the chimney stack is on a party wall