Building control for residential alterations

Electrical work

Electrical work in households needs to comply with Part P of the building regulations and be carried out by persons who are competent to do the work.

Part P applies to all fixed installations after the supplier's meter for the following:

  • dwellings
  • combined dwellings and business premises having a common supply, such as shops and pubs
  • common access areas in blocks of flats, but not lifts
  • shared facilities in blocks of flats, such as laundries and gymnasiums
  • outbuildings including sheds, garages and greenhouses
  • special locations, as listed below

The following are classified as special locations or installations where any fixed electrical work will need to comply with Part P:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • locations containing a bath tub or shower basin
  • swimming or paddling pools
  • hot air saunas
  • garden lighting or power installations
  • solar photovoltaic power supply systems
  • electric floor or ceiling heating systems
  • extra-low voltage lighting installations, other than pre-assembled, CE-marked lighting sets
  • small scale generators such as microCHP units

You can employ either an individual or a company that is registered with one of the national approving bodies. They self-certify their own work on completion so a building regulation application is not required. To find registered electrical installers, contact one of the following: