General housing and welfare advice

Before looking for a new home you should think about which areas you can afford to live in and how you will pay the rent.

Finding somewhere you can afford

High rents and low housing benefit rates mean it's important to find an affordable area. You can check:

Where to look for private rented accommodation

Many landlords and letting agencies advertise on the internet. Popular websites that advertise house shares and homes to rent include:

Other places to look include:

  • letting agents – you may have to fees, a deposit and rent in advance if they find you a place
  • noticeboard – check community notices in shop windows, libraries and community centres
  • social media – if you use Facebook or Twitter, let your contacts know you are looking for a place

You can get more information from:

Help with private renting – deposits and advance rent

Many people struggle to raise the deposit and advance rent to get private rented accommodation.

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, our rent deposit and advance rent scheme could help you secure a home. We will discuss the details with you and, if you're eligible, we will include it in your Personal Housing Plan.

Depending on your circumstances we may also be able to offer you:

  • a one-off payment that can help with your housing costs or rent arrears to stop you being evicted by your landlord
  • help to sort out problems with benefits – for example, when the benefits system changes
  • help to find a smaller, more financially manageable home
  • help with budgeting and managing your money at home
  • help with employment problems and job seeking

You may also qualify for discretionary housing payments to top-up your rent for a limited period.

Employment and training for young people

It can be harder to find and keep somewhere to live if you don’t have a job, or job prospects.