If you're single and at risk of homelessness

The information below is for single people who need to find somewhere to live, and who have no extra support or care needs.

If you are at risk of becoming homeless

If you are single and have very low support needs, we may be able to help you find a room in a shared house. We will need to carry out a full assessment to make sure you're suitable. This means you may have to provide proof of:

  • your identity
  • your income
  • where you have lived for the last 5 years
  • how your lost your last home – for example, letters from your landlord or a court

If relevant, we may also need proof of:

  • marital status
  • custody of children
  • pregnancy

If we cannot prevent you becoming homeless, we will check whether you have a 'priority need' that would mean we have a duty by law to house you. To find out more, go to Shelter: priority need.

If you are a rough sleeper, we will offer you support even if you do not have a 'priority need'.

Getting on the council housing register

Affordable housing is in very short supply in Thurrock, and the demand for council housing is far greater than the number of properties we have available. Even so, you can apply to join our housing register if you are eligible and have a local connection with Thurrock.

Joining the housing register is not a short-term option for finding an accommodation. You could be bidding for properties over months or years before you are successful, and may be bypassed if you don't meet the requirements for a property.

If you are shortlisted for a property, you must provide up-to-date documents so we can make checks. You will not be offered a council property until you have paid any rent you still owe and can provide a clear rent statement.

To find out more about the process and how to join the housing register, bid for council housing and check the documents you must provide, go to our pages on finding somewhere to live.