Finding somewhere to live

Your housing options

The demand for council housing in Thurrock far outstrips the number of properties we have available. By law, we must give priority housing to those with the greatest need.

For most households the chances of being offered a property by us are extremely low, and you should think about other housing options.

Help to find somewhere to live

Our online questionnaire can help you find somewhere to live. It takes you through a series of questions and gives advice on both housing and employment.

If you are homeless, or likely to be homeless in the near future, you should complete the questionnaire before contacting us.

The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete. Before starting you will need details of:

  • your household outgoings, such as spending on rent or mortgage, food, gas and electricity
  • your – and/or your partner's – income
  • any welfare benefits you receive
  • any savings you have
  • any written notice given by your landlord
  • any court order giving notice to leave your accommodation

Get help finding somewhere to live

Most people will be able to sort out their housing problems without us by following the advice.

If the questionnaire shows you may be homeless within 4 weeks, you can arrange an appointment with us – we will send you information on how to do this. You must complete the consent form below and bring it with you, along with supporting documents. Go to a full list of the types of documents that can prove that you qualify for council housing.

We can't fulfil an appointment if you don't have these documents with you.

Who should complete the questionnaire

You should complete the questionnaire if you:

  • are homeless or threatened with becoming homeless within the next 4 weeks
  • have received a notice from your landlord or lender telling you to leave your home
  • have received a court order telling you to leave your home
  • feel you are being harassed to leave your home by your landlord
  • have been evicted illegally from your home by your landlord
  • want housing advice on finding somewhere to live
  • want to apply to join our housing register
  • are leaving the armed forces
  • are leaving supported accommodation
  • are experiencing a relationship breakdown
  • are experiencing violence inside or outside your home
  • have debt problems, including rent and mortgage arrears
  • have been discharged from an institution, including prison release