If you're homeless or likely to become homeless

We will help you if you're homeless or likely to become homeless.

This will depend on:

  • your level of need
  • your connection to Thurrock
  • your immigration status
  • whether you became homeless 'intentionally'

By law, a person becomes homeless 'intentionally' if they cease to occupy their accommodation:

  • because of something they've deliberately done, or not done, whilst knowing all relevant facts
  • and the accommodation is available for their occupation
  • and it would have been reasonable for them to continue occupying the accommodation

If you're worried your home may be repossessed, go to GOV.UK: repossession for advice.

Help we can provide

We will work with you where possible to prevent you from becoming homeless, and to reduce the need for temporary or emergency housing.

Register for advice and support

If you're likely to lose your home within the next 56 days (8 weeks), you should register with us online using the Housing Jigsaw website.

Housing Jigsaw – register online for homelessness support

Select 'Register as Homeless' if you need the help of the housing advisers. You should then complete and submit your registration, giving as much detail as possible about why you need help.

If you are a professional referring someone, you should select 'Make a Referral'.

Registering with Housing Jigsaw is different to applying for council housing.

If you cannot register online, you can contact our Homelessness team below.

Homelessness team

: 01375 652 652

: housingoptions@thurrock.gov.uk

After you register, we will contact you within 2 working days to talk about your situation and housing options.

Documents you will need to provide

You must provide us with the following documents:

  • your valid passport
  • your full birth certificate
  • your valid immigration documents

What we will do

We will work with you to prevent you becoming homeless or to find you another home. We will do this:

  • for up to 8 weeks if you're threatened with homelessness
  • for a further 8 weeks if you become homeless

To help prevent you becoming homelessness or to find you a home, it's likely we will try to offer you accommodation in the private rented sector. We may prioritise direct assistance for those who are most vulnerable or least able to find an offer for themselves.

Further information

The housing charity, Shelter has more information and advice. Go to Shelter: homelessness advice.

If you are renting and you have been given a 'Section 21' eviction notice, you can find out how to check if the notice is valid by going to Shelter: section 21 eviction guide.