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Self-build and custom housebuilding

A self-build home is where a person is responsible for the design and build of their own home. Custom housebuilding is where you where you work with a specialist developer to build the home.

Build your own home in Thurrock

We keep a register of individuals and community groups who would like land for self-build and custom housebuilding. The register is used as part of our evidence of demand for this type of housing, which we use for local planning.

Self-build and custom housebuilding gives you the opportunity to:

  • be involved in all stages of the design and building of your property
  • create a unique and affordable home

You may decide to design and build the home yourself, hire a contractor or customise a home built by a private developer.

All self-build and custom housebuilding is subject to the relevant planning permission.

The cost of a self-build home is about 20% less than the cost of buying a similar property.

Go to the national self build portal to find out more.

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