Finding somewhere to live

Service you can expect

You can expect high service standards from us when you are looking for somewhere to live.

Customer contact

We will:

  • treat you fairly and courteously at all times
  • listen carefully to your enquiry and take note of what you say
  • try to get it right first time and solve your enquiry when you first ask us – if this isn't possible we will let you know what will happen next
  • make appointments within 5 working days, or 24 hours in the case of an emergency
  • see all pre-booked appointments within 15 minutes
  • provide a translation service, if needed

Housing options

We will:

  • make sure you have access to the online housing options assessment questionnaire
  • give you information that enables you to make informed choices, in deciding what options are best for you
  • try to prevent homelessness in this first place – for example, by working with specialist agencies or negotiating with your landlord
  • provide an action plan that will help you take steps to prevent homelessness

Homeless assessment

We will:

  • give you an appointment in 2 working days if you're at risk of being made homeless within 56 days
  • see on the same day if you're homeless due to an emergency
  • provide ongoing support – such as applying for benefits and linking you with support agencies – if you are placed in temporary accommodation
  • assess your homeless application and make a decision within 33 working days - we will explain clearly why if are not able to do this
  • inform you of our decision in writing and explain the reasons for our decision
  • offer you a follow-up interview once you've been given a decision
  • work with you and other agencies to make sure you have the best start if we've offered you long-term accommodation and you need support to maintain your tenancy

Checking how we do

We will know we are achieving these standards because we will:

  • follow through complaints and take action to stop problems happening again
  • review our service delivery and make improvements through yearly planning and appraisals
  • consult with service users to make sure we give an effective and relevant service
  • regularly check our performance