Householder planning applications

Other guidance

Whether you are designing your own extension or working with an architect, you must make sure your proposal is in line with current planning policy.

Our local planning policies are in accordance with regional and national policies, so all you really need to consider are the local policies.

Core strategy

The most relevant policies for householder applications are these from the Core Strategy Local Plan:

  • PMD1 – Minimising Pollution and Impacts on Amenity*
  • PMD2 – Design and Layout*
  • PMD4 – Historic Environment*
  • PMD6 – Development in the Green Belt*
  • PMD8 – Parking Standards
  • PMD15 – Flood Risk*
  • CSTP22 – Thurrock Design

* For policies marked with an asterisk, the wording in the adopted Core Strategy has been amended in its subsequent focused review.

Not every policy will apply to every site.

Design guide

Our design guide for residential alterations and extensions provides clear guidance on how to comply with the policies.

It replaces any content related to residential alterations and extensions in the annexes of the Thurrock Borough Local Plan adopted in 1997.