Householder planning applications

Plans and drawings – parking

Existing and proposed parking plans are needed where a change is proposed to existing parking, such as spaces being added or built over, or where additional bedrooms are proposed. You may combine this with existing and proposed site layout plans.

Be aware that you may be required to alter your parking arrangements if you are increasing the number of bedrooms in the house, even if this is not part of your original proposal.

A standard car parking space is 2.5m wide and 5.0m long. Up to 7.0m may be needed longer vehicles or where bins are stored on the drive. If the bins are stored elsewhere this should be shown on the plan.

Car parking spaces must not overhang the highway or the pavement.

On parking plans:

  • the scale should be clearly indicated – parking plans are commonly 1:500 or 1:200

  • a scale bar needs to be printed on the page

  • each page must have a unique plan number – for example, 01, 02, EX101

  • there must be a north point indicator

  • existing and proposed dropped kerbs, vehicle crossovers, and car parking spaces must be shown

  • the location and heights of any boundary treatments to the front or side of the house must be shown – as existing and as proposed – if they are to be altered

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