Parking permits

Visitor parking permits

If you live in a controlled parking zones (CPZ) or permit parking area (PPA), you may be eligible for a resident parking permit.

You may also be eligible to apply for short-stay visitor parking permits to enable your visitors' or trades persons' vehicles to park in the zone or area.

You can also apply for a visiting carers parking permit.

Types of visitors permit

If eligible, you can apply for:

  • Visitor Parking Permit (Free) – use this option when applying for your first 20 visitor parking permits each year
  • Visitor Parking Permit – use this option to pay for additional visitor parking permits after you've used your first 20 visitor parking permits each year

Permit charges

Permits Cost
​Your first 20 visitor permits each year Free
​Single visitor permit after your first 20 35p
Further batches of 20 visitor permits after your first 20 £7

Apply for visitors parking permits

All permits issued from 29 March 2022 will be electronic permits online, not paper permits for display in your vehicle – read more about changes to how parking permits are issued.

Use our online My Account service to apply for visitors parking permit below. You can register to create a new account if you don't already have one.

My Account – parking permits

When you login, you will be shown:

  • Permits – a list of your electronic permits and their current status (older paper permits are not listed)
  • Permit Applications Available – a list of the types of parking permit for which you can apply.

For visitors parking permit, go to the 'Permit Applications Available' table and use the 'Apply' button for the type of permit you need.

When applying for a new permit, you will be asked to upload images that show:

  • proof of residency – council tax bill, rent card, or a bank statement or utility bill from last 3 months

You can upload images direct from your own computer or smartphone.