Private tenants

Other legal options for tenants

A solicitor can help you take court action against your landlord. These can take place alongside any criminal court action. A solicitor can ask the county court for an order, called an injunction, to force your landlord to stop the harassment or to order them to let you back into your accommodation.


You can ask the county court for compensation or ‘damages’ for harassment or illegal eviction. Compensation can be for:

  • general damages
  • loss or damage to your property
  • physical injury, losing your home, general trouble and suffering
  • special damages. These are given when actions are are considered  malicious, violent, oppressive, or grossly reckless
  • for the value of goods destroyed or damaged. For example, if your landlord threw away your clothing
  • increased damages, awarded if you have suffered very badly because of the treatment received

Help with legal expenses

We can send you to a local solicitor who deals with cases like this. If you get income-related benefits or on a low income you may receive legal aid to help with your legal expenses.

Always ask your solicitor if legal aid will cover your costs.