Private tenants

What to do if your landlord harasses you

There are things you can do if you feel you are being harassed:

  • keep a diary of incidents including dates and times with photographs. This will be evidence if you go to court
  • record details of any conversations you may have with your landlord or threats that he may have made
  • ask your landlord to put everything in writing
  • keep a copy of your tenancy agreement and any notices and letters that the landlord sends you
  • have someone else with you to witness meetings/dealings with your landlord
  • note the names and addresses of people involved including witnesses
  • work with other tenants who are affected
  • contact the council
  • report incidents to the police and ensure they log your complaints
  • If your landlord has a key for the accommodation you could change the locks
  • seek assistance from a solicitor that specialises in housing law/tenancies
  • if all else fails, you can apply to the court for a remedy

Call the police immediately:

  • if you have been threatened or assaulted
  • if your property has been damaged or stolen
  • if you have been locked out

Ask for a copy of the crime reference number. If police officers are called out, make a note of their names as well as the number that is on the left shoulder of their jackets.

Grays police

: 0300 333 4444

What we can do:

  • we can deal with harassment and illegal eviction cases
  • we will try to stop the harassment and get you back into your home
  • we will explain the law to your landlord
  • if you have a genuine strong case, we will help prepare and present your case in court