Historical parishes of Thurrock


Parish facts:

  • In 1377 a series of warning beacons were set up along the Thameside River banks, sited on commanding hills. In Thurrock beacons are known to have been erected at Fobbing, East Tilbury, Grays and Purfleet. This warning system was instigated through increasing hostile French vessels, raiding Thames riverside villages.

  • The Peasants Revolt in 1381 was partly played out in Fobbing. A number of the local Fobbing residents are thought to have played their part including Thomas Baker who is mentioned as being a leader of the rebellion, while William Rogers of South Ockendon was one who went from village to village spreading the news and inspiring the revolt. Others like Jack Straw and Watt Tyler have origins which are hard to trace.

  • The Rev. Pell (1611-1685), was presented by Charles II to the living of Fobbing in 1661. He is credited with inventing the now common division sign, a horizontal dash with a dot above and below. However his mathematical performance entirely failed to justify his reputation.