Historical parishes of Thurrock


Parish facts:

  • Archaeological excavations at Mucking have unearthed probably one of our earliest industries, salt manufacture. Dating to the late Bronze Age, c1500 BC it appears 'briny' water from the Thames was evaporated in ceramic pans to form 'cakes of salt' for use and trading. Close by are two hill forts of the same date.

  • A Roman villa or farming estate has been excavated on the hill overlooking the Thames at Mucking, included were fields with ditch boundaries, corn dryers, water wells, granary, farm and living quarters and four cemeteries.

  • Thurrock has two villages which names originate from the Saxon period, Mucking (mentioned in Doomsday Book in 1086) and Fobbing (mentioned in Doomsday Book in 1068) are both describing the place of Mucca and Fobba, personal names of the chieftain living at that place?

  • Thomas Gill who lived at Mucking was in 1591 the Keeper of the Lions in the Tower of London, a post his son took over. The zoo originated in 1235 when three leopards were presented to King Henry III, and ended in 1835 after one of lions attacked a warder of the tower.