Wheeled bin collection days

Household waste and recycling changes

Food waste should be put in your green/grey wheeled bin instead of your brown bin. Since Monday 6 March, we collect food waste as part of our green/grey bin collections. Brown bins are now for garden waste only – check what goes in your bins.

We regret we will be unable to collect or return for any brown bins from Monday 27 March to Friday 31 March.

If all the brown bins in your street are not collected on your usual day in your scheduled week, we will return for them on your next scheduled 'Week 1' or 'Week 2' collection day. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Street names: B

Household waste and recycling blue bins and green/grey bins are collected once a week. Brown bins are collected every 2 weeks. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

For brown bin collections, your street will either be a 'Week 1' street or a 'Week 2' street.

Week 1 and Week 2 collection dates are at the end of this page, or go to bin collection days.

Street names:

Street, town Day Brown bin
Back Lane, Grays Tuesday Week 2
Back Lane, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 1
Badgers Mount, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bailey Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Baker Street, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Balfour Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Balmoral Avenue, Corringham Monday Week 2
Balmoral Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Balstonia Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Bankfoot, Grays Friday Week 1
Bann Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bark Burr Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Barle Gardens, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Barmoor Mews, Orsett Wednesday Week 1
Barnmead Meadow, Grays Thursday Week 1
Barrett Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Barry Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Barstable Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bata Avenue, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Bata Mews, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Baton Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Beacon Hill, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Bearwood Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Beaufort Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Beckett Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bedford Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Beech Grove, Aveley Friday Week 2
Beechcombe, Corringham Monday Week 1
Beechcroft Avenue, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Belhouse Avenue, Aveley Friday Week 2
Belhus Park Lane, Aveley Friday Week 2
Belhus View, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bell Reeves Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bellmaine Avenue, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bells Hill Road, Basildon Monday Week 1
Belmont Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Benson Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Benyon Path, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Berkley Hill, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bermuda Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Bersham Lane, Grays Friday Week 1
Berwood Road, Corringham Monday Week 2
Beverley Close, Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Bevin Walk, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bexhill Drive, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Bibby Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Biggin Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Billet Lane, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bingham Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birch Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birch Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birchfield, Grays Tuesday Week 1
Birchwood Road, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bishops Road, Corringham Monday Week 2
Black Bush Lane, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Blackmore Close, Grays Thursday Week 2
Blackshots Lane, Grays Thursday Week 1
Blackthorn Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Blake Way, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Blenheim Gardens, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bloomfield Walk, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Blue Anchor Lane, West Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Blythe Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Bodell Close, Grays Thursday Week 1
Boleyn Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Bonham Drive, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Bonner Walk, Grays Friday Week 1
Boscombe Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bovey Way, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bowdell Close, Grays Thursday Week 1
Bowerman Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bown Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Boyce Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bracelet Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bradbourne Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bradd Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bradleigh Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bradshaw Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Bramleys, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Brampton Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Brandon Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Brandon Groves Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Branksome Avenue (First Avenue to Third Avenue), Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Branksome Avenue (Third Avenue to Morley Hill), Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Branksome Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bredle Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Brennan Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brentwood Road, Bulphan Tuesday Week 2
Brentwood Road (Brook Farm Cottages), Chadwell St Mary Tuesday none
Brentwood Road (except Brook Farm Cottages), Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Brentwood Road (south of the A13), Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Brentwood Road (north of the A13), Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Brevet Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Briceway, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bridge Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bridgland Road, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Brimfield Road, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Brindles Close, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Brinson Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bristowe Drive, Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Broadhope Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Broadlands, Grays Friday Week 1
Broadstone Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Broadstone Way, West Thurrock Friday Week 2
Broadview Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 1
Broadway, Grays Thursday Week 2
Broadway, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brockenhurst Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Brocket Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bromley, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Bronte Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brooke Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Brookfield Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Brookmans Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 1
Broome Place, Aveley Friday Week 2
Browning Walk, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Broxburn Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bruces Wharf Road, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Brunel Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Bryanston Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Buchanan Close, Aveley Friday Week 2
Buckingham Hill Road, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Buckley Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bull Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Bumpstead Mead, Aveley Friday Week 2
Burch Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Burch Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Burchfield, Grays Tuesday Week 1
Bure, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Burgess Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Burns Place, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Burrs Way, Corringham Monday Week 1
Burton Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Butler Walk, Grays Thursday Week 2
Buttell Close, Grays Thursday Week 2
Buttermere Way, West Thurrock Friday Week 2
Button Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Butts Lane, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Butts Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Buxton Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Bypass Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Byrd Way, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Byron Gardens, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1

Street names:

Brown bins – Week 1 and Week 2 dates
Week 1 – Monday to Friday Week 2 – Monday to Friday
20 March to 24 March 27 March to 31 March
3 April to 7 April 10 April to 14 April
17 April to 21 April 24 April to 28 April