Housing repairs and improvements

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair will be carried out within 24 hours, usually on the day it was reported. Out of hours repairs will be made safe and secure until a permanent repair is made.

You may be charged if you falsely report an ordinary repair as an emergency.

Electricity and gas

Emergency repairs include:

  • total loss of electricity
  • unsafe power, lighting, switch or socket
  • total loss of gas supply

Repairs for total heating loss between 1 November to 31 March, and out of hours heating repairs, are provided for:

  • tenants over 65 years-old
  • children under 5 living in the property
  • tenants registered disabled

Outside office hours temporary heating may be supplied within 24 hours of reporting.


Emergency water repairs include:

  • blocked drain, stack or toilet, if there is only 1 toilet in the property
  • unstoppable leak from pipe, tank or cistern
  • total loss of water supply


Emergency security repairs include:

  • insecure ground floor window
  • insecure external door

Reporting repairs

Go to our reporting repairs page to check who you should contact.