Housing repairs and improvements

Rechargeable repairs

Some repair work can be rechargeable to you.

Recharge due to breakage and neglect

We will reclaim the cost of a repair, including an administration charge and VAT, from tenants if they or their family or visitors have caused damage deliberately, maliciously or through neglect.

If you need a repair that has come about through breakage or neglect, we will tell you at the earliest possible moment of what it will cost.

You will need to sign a housing repair recharge form to show you agree to pay.

If you don't accept the charge, the repair won't happen unless it is dangerous. If it is dangerous, the work will be completed and a bill sent to the person responsible.

You can do the repair yourself, as long as it is to a standard acceptable to us.

If you carry out a mutual exchange, there are certain things you are responsible for. You will be asked to sign a works repair responsibility form at the time of your exchange.

Recharge due to wear and tear

We provide the items below at the start of every tenancy. Tenants must supply replacement:

  • plugs and chains to sanitary ware
  • clothes drying facilities, excluding communal areas
  • internal door furniture – locks, handles, hinges
  • internal doors, except where unsafe
  • toilet seat

You can pay us to:

  • put in curtain battens – strips of wood to which the curtain rails are attached
  • put in draught-excluder to doors
  • clear a blocked toilet, if blockage caused by misuse

Exemptions to rechargeable repairs

You will not normally have to pay for rechargeable repairs due to wear and tear if you:

  • are an elderly tenant with no non-dependent or able-bodied person living with you
  • have a physical disability that prevents you carrying out repairs
  • have special needs, such as a debilitating illness or degenerative disease

You may need to prove your status.

There are no exemptions for rechargeable repairs due to breaking or neglect.