Housing repairs and improvements

Fence repairs

We are currently working on a high number of requests for repairs to fences at council housing. This means it's taking longer than usual to complete some repairs. We apologise for any inconvenience and expect to complete all overdue repairs by mid-September 2022.

When you may not receive a repair

There are some situations when you may not receive a repair.

Right to buy

When we get your right to buy application we will only carry out emergency or urgent works to your property. These are limited to:

  • repairing and maintaining the structure and exterior of the property
  • the landlord's heating and hot water appliances
  • pipes and wiring within the property

We will only place repair orders for repairs needed by law. Repairs that are underway but not needed by law will not be completed.

Generally we will cancel repairs that are outstanding or underway at completion of the sale.

Tenant conduct

Your tenancy agreement sets out the conduct expected of tenants, their household and visitors in the property or locality.

We may limit your access to the repairs service, except in the case of some emergency works, if conduct doesn't meet the standard expected.

Conduct for which we may limit access to repairs includes abusing, assaulting, threatening, harassing or obstructing our employees, contractors or agents.