Housing repairs and improvements

Fence repairs

We are currently working on a high number of requests for repairs to fences at council housing. This means it's taking longer than usual to complete some repairs. We apologise for any inconvenience and expect to complete all overdue repairs by mid-September 2022.

Urgent, non-urgent and batch repairs

Unless considered an emergency repair, we classify repairs into the following categories.

Repairs we aim to do in 5 working days

These include:

  • partial loss of heating
  • containable leak from a pipe, tank or cistern
  • bad flush, where there is more than 1 toilet in property
  • re-fix wall socket or light switch
  • no hot water

Repairs we aim to do in 20 working days

These include:

  • carpentry repairs
  • floor and wall tiling repairs
  • non-urgent external drainage and glazing repairs

Batch repairs

We will do some repairs as part of a regular batch repair programme. We will tell you how long these are likely to take to complete.

These include:

  • boundary fencing repairs
  • plastering repairs
  • non-urgent guttering and drainage clearance work
  • external decorations
  • concreting, asphalting and paving
  • roofing and brickwork

Reporting repairs

Go to our reporting repairs page to check who you should contact.