Current development plan

Evidence and supporting documents

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the former name for a group of documents that set out the spatial strategy, planning policies and proposals to guide the future development and use of land in Thurrock.

Documents that made up the LDF include:

  • Core Strategy Local Plan – adopted
  • Site Allocations Local Plan – formerly in preparation
  • Mineral and Waste Local Plan – formerly in preparation
  • Gypsy and Travellers Local Plan

In February 2014, Council decided to start work on a new Local Plan. The new Local Plan will set out the amount of development for Thurrock, and its distribution across the borough. It will be a comprehensive long-term planning framework.

Policies within the current Core Strategy will continue to be used in decision making until the new Local Plan for Thurrock is adopted. As work on the new plan progresses, however, emerging policies could start to influence decisions on planning applications.

Technical studies

Technical studies that supported the Local Development Framework are provided below. These were prepared to inform the production of the Core Strategy or Site Allocations Local Plan.

Many of these studies will be reviewed and updated to support the preparation of our new Local Plan, and will be published in that section.